Here you will find a collection of The Saint's productions over the past 50 years. Each production gives you a brief synopsis of the play along with a collection of photos from the performance. The latest production will be displayed first, for past productions please use the menu on the right hand side.



Duets by Peter Quilter

Performed: 14th - 18th May 2013
Director:  Yvonne Collins

Four sets of characters, four crucial moments

Jonathon and Wendy are on a blind date and hoping to get it right this time even though they’ve never got it right before; Barrie is not really interested in women but Janet sees that as no reason to stop trying; Shelley and Bobby have decided to holiday in Spain to finalise their divorce whilst drowning in cocktails; Angela is marrying for thethird time to the dismay of brother Toby and amidst a barrage of bad omens and a dress resembling a parachute.

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Make Way For Lucia


Make Way for Lucía The Saints 150th production

Performed: 12th - 16th February 2013
Director: Marion Kendrick

Make Way For Lucia by John Van Druten is based on the Mapp & Lucia novels by EF Benson

Set in the 1920s, this charming comedy takes place in the small town of Tilling and charts the encounters between newcomer Lucía and established social hostess Elizabeth Mapp. Battle lines are drawn as these formidable ladies vie to dominate the social scene of the town.

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Girls' Night


Girls' Night by Louise Roche

Performed: 9th – 13th October 2012
Director: David Healey

Set in a karaoke bar, this musical comedy follows five friends as they re-live their past, celebrate the present and look to the future.

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