The Last Bread Pudding

last-bread-pudding-productionThe Last Bread Pudding by Nick Warburton

Performed: 12th - 16th May 2009
Diretor: Derek Hibbard

The committee of an amateur drama group is meeting to discuss a new play. We notice that, strangely, the presentation of the meeting to us is reflecting the ideas put forward by the committee, making the play a demonstration as well as a discussion of those ideas.

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Ken Mills - Gary Swain
Denise Boon - Julianna Swain
Fleur Florian - Marion Kendrick
Jan Cooke - Lucy Smith
Jack Handy - Chris Smith
Phyllis Little - Edwina Scott
Bag Lady - June Clayton

Liz Smith, Kate Hill, Bill Parkinson, Eleanor Hill, Jennifer Higgins, Barbara Swann, Barabara Pickering

Next production

Unfortunately due to the ongoing concern and restrictions imposed by Covid19 we have had to take the decision to cancel any further productions this year.

We  trust you agree that this difficult decision was the only one possible and together we can all come back soon to a brighter future for the Saints.