Underground by Michael Sloan

Performed: 8th – 12th May 2012
Director: Mark Treen

A tense and claustrophobic thriller emerges when twelve people become trapped in a London Underground train carriage. The fear of being trapped underground with very little air and apparently no rescue service underway becomes very real as we witness the initial panic and fear experienced by the passengers. As the temperature rises and tempers fray, an electrical shortage on the train shrouds a brutal murder and when the lights eventually come up we are faced with a new and more chilling revelation - there is a murderer aboard and nowhere to run.

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Jim Maclain – Bill Parkinson
Anthony Porter – Derek Hibbard
Bill Fellows – Gary Swain
Alexander Howard – Dave Collins
Graham Craig – Nigel Owen
Felicity Allender – Marion Kendrick
Tramp – Chris Smith
Elizabeth Snowdon – Kirsty Cook
Michael Preston – Wayne Parker
Sue Thomas – Diane White
Jane Brooks – Juliana Swain
Guard – Natalie Rossi

Stage Manager – Marianne Smith
Lighting & Sound – David Healey
Props – Jennifer Higgins