Inspector Drake's Last Case


Inspector Drake's Last Case by David Tristram

Performed: 7th - 11th February 2012
Director: Mark Smithers & David Healey

No-one could have foreseen the strange events that took place one dark evening at the home of Mrs Gagarin. We see her taking a stroll. Next she screams, "Who is it? Oh, it's you!" Next a gunshot! It's up to the world's greatest detective to solve the crime. But, in the words of Sergeant Plod, "don't believe everything you see ..." After all, is it safe to say that Mrs Gagarin is actually dead?

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Cast (In order of appearance)
Sergeant Plod - Gary Swain
Mrs Gagarin - Marion Kendrick
Mr Gagarin - Wayne Parker
Miss Duck - Kirsty Cook
Inspector Drake - Chris Smith
Mr Butler - David Healey
Ms Cook - Natalie Rossi
Mrs Gardner - Ade Kujore
Mr Guest - Bill Parkinson
Mary Ship & Stretcher Bearers - Katie Cook/Marrianne Smith

Stage Manager - Barbara Swann
Properties - Julie Sefton, Jennifer Higgins & June Clayton
Hump Stuffer - Juliana Swain
Prompt - Liz Smith & Kate Hill
Lighting - Lucinda Toomey
Sound - Ellis Smithers
Set Design - Mark Smithers & Chris Smith
Box Office - Pam Barnes & Marie Hudson (tel: 02476402295)
Front of House - Barbara Pickering, Audrey Hunter & Jim Hunter
Publicity - Pam Barnes & Dave Collins
Programme - Gary Swain
Refreshments - Edwina Scott & members of the Society