Make Way For Lucia


Make Way for Lucía The Saints 150th production

Performed: 12th - 16th February 2013
Director: Marion Kendrick

Make Way For Lucia by John Van Druten is based on the Mapp & Lucia novels by EF Benson

Set in the 1920s, this charming comedy takes place in the small town of Tilling and charts the encounters between newcomer Lucía and established social hostess Elizabeth Mapp. Battle lines are drawn as these formidable ladies vie to dominate the social scene of the town.

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Major Benjamin Flint - Chris Smith
Grosvenor - Lynne Jones
Elizabeth Mapp - Juliana Swain
Georgie Pillson - David Healey
Lucía Lucas - Lucinda Toomey
Mr Wyse - Derek Hibbard
Rev Kenneth Bartlett - Dave Collins
Mrs Bartlett - June Clayton
Diva Plaistow - Kate Hill
Signor Cortese - Gary Swain


Stage Manager - Bill Parkinson
Properties - Jennifer Higgins
Prompt - Diane White
Lighting & Sound - Ellis & Mark Smithers
Set Design - Chris Smith
Wardrobe - Liz Smith
Front of House - Audrey & Jim Hunter, Rebecca Carter, Marrianne Smith, Pam Barnes and Yvonne Collins