London Suite

London Suite

London Suite by Neil Simon

Performed: 11th - 15th February 2014
Director:  Bill Parkinson

London Suite is set in the 1990s in a smart hotel in London.

In four scenes London Suite tells the stories of four groups of people staying in the same suite in a fashionable London hotel. Their situations, lives and problems make for a funny, touching and poignant play. One minute you laugh and the next you can be almost moved to tears. This is the skill of the great American playwright Neil Simon.

This is the third play in Simon's Suite series. The first, Plaza Suite was Bill Parkinson's directorial debut when it was performed in May 1990. More recently, Bill directed California Suite, which was the Saints Golden Anniversary production in October 2009.

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The Cast

The Cast

Settling Accounts

Brian    Gary Swain

Billy     Wayne Parker

Going Home

Lauren    Lynne Jones

Mrs Semple    Juliana Swain

Diana and Sidney

Diana    Kate Hill

Grace    Brishan Rae Turner

Sidney    Nigel Owen

The Man on the Floor

Mark    Chris Smith

Annie    Deb Darragh

Mrs Sitgood    June Clayton

Bellboy         Tyler Bilsland

Dr McMerlin    Dave Collins