Here you will find a collection of The Saint's productions over the past 50 years. Each production gives you a brief synopsis of the play along with a collection of photos from the performance. The latest production will be displayed first, for past productions please use the menu on the right hand side.

strangers on a train

A one night production on October 14th 2021

Announcers     Jonathan Greaves & Jayne Ball

Guy Haines    Gary Swain

Bruno Anthony  Kevin Jones

Miriam Haines  Juliana Swain

Anne Morton   Kate Hill

Bruno's Mother   Liz Smith

Senator Morton/old Man  Chris Smith

Barbara  Zanna Webb

Bruno's Father/Adams/MAC/Minister    Paul Hayes

Operator/Bessie   Maria Sheovska

Mrs Cunningham  Jan Eardley

Captain Turley/Vendor  Alan Eardley

Hammond/Amusement Park Mgr    Mark Adulaimi

Hennessey/Judge    Bill Parkinson





Life and Beth

11th - 15th February 2020

Life and Beth

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Yvonne and Dave collins

Beth Timms  Juliana Swain

Connie Bunting  Jayne Ball

David Grinseed   Bill Parkinson

Martin Timms  Aran Eardley

Ella Packer   Elizabeth Moore

Gordon Timms  Dave collins






Pygmalion 8th - 12 October 2019

By George Bernard Shaw

Directed by David Healey


Eliza Doolittle - Megan Holland

Professor Henry Higgins - John Pease

Colonel Pickering - Jonathan Greaves

Mr. Alfred Doolittle - Dave Collins

Mrs. Pearce - Juliana Swain

Mrs. Higgins - Lucinda Twomey

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill - Kate Hill

Miss Clara Eynsford-Hill -Clare Perryman

Mr. Freddy Eynsford-Hill - Brian McAuley

Parlour Maid/Bystander - Maria Sheovska

Bystander - Chris Smith





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