Safari Party

Safari Party by Tim Firth

Performed: 10th - 14th February 2015
Directors:  Yvonne Collins and Dave Collins

Three households in Cheshire have agreed to hold a ‘safari party’ - a dinner party where each course is served in a different house. The three households are linked not just socially however, there’s the whole question of the table…

The action takes place on a single evening.  Time - The present

Act 1 Hors d’œuvres

Daniel and Adam’s Kitchen

Act 2 Main Course

Lol and Esther’s Conservatory

Act 3 Dessert

Inga’s Outhouse


The Company

Stage Manager - Chris Smith, Bill Parkinson

Set Design - Mark Smithers

Lighting - Ellis Smithers, Mark Smithers 

Sound – Tyler Bilsland, Mark Smithers

Properties – Julie Sefton, Megan Holland

Prompt - Kate Hill


The Cast

Daniel - Daniel Peckett 

Adam - Kevin Ward

Esther - Juliana Swain

Lol - Gary Swain

Bridget - Rachael Walsh

Inga - Lynne Jones


Photos - click to enlarge

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