The Last Bread Pudding

last-bread-pudding-productionThe Last Bread Pudding by Nick Warburton

Performed: 12th - 16th May 2009
Diretor: Derek Hibbard

The committee of an amateur drama group is meeting to discuss a new play. We notice that, strangely, the presentation of the meeting to us is reflecting the ideas put forward by the committee, making the play a demonstration as well as a discussion of those ideas.

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Ken Mills - Gary Swain
Denise Boon - Julianna Swain
Fleur Florian - Marion Kendrick
Jan Cooke - Lucy Smith
Jack Handy - Chris Smith
Phyllis Little - Edwina Scott
Bag Lady - June Clayton

Liz Smith, Kate Hill, Bill Parkinson, Eleanor Hill, Jennifer Higgins, Barbara Swann, Barabara Pickering